Friday, December 23, 2011


Hey dolls!!!! Thought I'd share a few things I wouldn't mind having for Christmas :-).... 
In case I don't happen to blog until after New Year's, 
Wish you all the best and I hope you all enjoy it with your loved ones! 
Also, let's not get too carried away and forget what Christmas really means!!!! 
I will be in church on Christmas and Old Year's night bringing in the New Year... 
Be safe everyone!!!!! TTYL!!!

(One of my "favoritest" perfumes of all time!!!!!!)

xoxo Dinesha

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

LOVE SEGMENT... #BlackandKillingit

Sooo today, pertaining to the love part of my blog, I'm going to dedicate my blog to my cousin Ama Owusuwa ( ), whom I love very much dearly. Just want to say how proud I am of her!!! She graduated with a Doctorate's in Physical Therapy ("DPT") at the age of 26!!!! Talk about #BlackandlKillingIt!!!!!! LOL She is the one who secretly inspired me to get my DPT, instead of just settling with becoming a Physical Therapy Assistant ("PTA"). Beauty and brains is hard to find, but I guess it runs the family lol!!! I LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!! 

When we were younger and my mom used to dress us up in all those colorful jumpsuits and matching outfits, who would've thought we were gonna grow up to have such a passion for fashion. 
A night out with her friends from MD...

xoxo Dinesha

Friday, December 16, 2011

Look of the Day: Oranges, Yellows & Reds!!!

Hey guys!!! Today was my job's Christmas party; didn't really stay for long because I had to meet my bf. I love the holidays!!! Not only for all the deals but I just love the warm feeling it brings out of everyone. My bf took me Christmas shopping yesterday and bought a whole bunch of things for me :-)... What else can a girl ask for, lol. Also, I got my grades back from school, thank God I did real good. This semester was a tough one but all the studying paid off. Anywho... I went accessory shopping today and finished up getting some last minute Christmas gifts.Thank God I got most of it out the way. I'll post all the superb gifts I got and gave closer to Christmas, so stay tuned!
Here's my outfit!!! Oranges, red, yellows, browns are all such warm colors to me. I love how they all look together. This bag from ALDO is actually one of my favorite bags, but I barely wear it because it just never seems to stay closed!!! These shoes are simple wedges but I love the color which is why I bought it. I got so many compliments today on my shoes :-) Enjoy the pics, hope you guys like!!!!

I'm wearing:

Coat by JCrew

Faux Leather Pants & Chunky Sweater by H&M

Scarf & Accessories by Forever21
Bag by ALDO

xoxo Dinesha

Monday, December 12, 2011

Look of the Day: Snakeskin & Bow Tie's

 Hey everyone... So yesterday I was in church the whole day!!! From church I had to go home and study, so it was a pretty hectic day!!! Yesterday was our Christmas program in church and this is what I wore. It was freezing outside!!!! So cold that I didn't feel like dressing up too much lol. This skirt is a simple snakeskin pencil skirt which fits a woman's curves lovely. The bow tie just adds the extra oomph to the simple shirt. Sometimes the simplest things, as long as they fit well, can look so stunning than something with more design to it. I'm more of a simple girl (which I'm sure you can tell from my pics).  Anyhow, I had such a good time yesterday!!! Enjoy the pics!!!
 I was wearing:
Shirt: Forever21
Skirt: H&M
Shoes by Bakers

xoxo Dinesha

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Look of the Day: Black & White

 Hey guys. I've been MIA for a while because of the holidays and I've been studying for my finals in school. Super busy. But anywho just to let you guys know... I went to my Church's Christmas Dinner and this is what I wore. I tried to do the Violent Lips tattoo application but it didn't work out. Otherwise it would've looked sooo cute. I bought the Silver Glitterati one. As for this outfit, it's basically just minimal black and white, another trend that's in this season. Black and white is everywhere. I saw this turtleneck in H&M and as simple as it is,  I love it.  
Well, check out my pics... still waiting for my camera, lol.
I was wearing:
Shirt by H&M
Fur Gillet by Zara
Faux Leather Pants by ASOS
Boots by Steve Madden
Hat by Bakers
Bag by Givenchy

xoxo Dinesha

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Look of the Day: Polka Dot Sunday!!!

  Happy Sunday everyone!!! I was in the mood to wear polka dots today so I wore this to church. This shirt to me goes with everything. The first time I wore it, I wore it with leopard, unfortunately those pictures didn't make the cut lol. I don't know but lately I've been finding myself buying a lot of printed button ups. I know you're probably thinking "This is how she dresses for church??". LOL It's okay. The reason is because I don't really go out much. My life basically consists of work and school which leaves me beyond tired to do anything else. Sooo, being that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO DRESS, I choose to dress to praise the Lord. Don't worry, I'm always covered tho lol. Sometimes, I hate the fact that I'm taller than average. The skirts I love always seems to fit me about 2-3 in. above the knee. Thank God for thick tights. It downplays it so much. Anyhow.... please excuse my pictures!!! Hopefully, I should be getting a new camera for Christmas lol. 

Any ideas on a good camera i should splurge on?
I'm wearing:
Shirt: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Polka Dot Tights: Asos
Shoes: Steve Madden
Accessories: Forever 21

xoxo Dinesha