Sunday, November 13, 2011

Look of the Day: Polka Dot Sunday!!!

  Happy Sunday everyone!!! I was in the mood to wear polka dots today so I wore this to church. This shirt to me goes with everything. The first time I wore it, I wore it with leopard, unfortunately those pictures didn't make the cut lol. I don't know but lately I've been finding myself buying a lot of printed button ups. I know you're probably thinking "This is how she dresses for church??". LOL It's okay. The reason is because I don't really go out much. My life basically consists of work and school which leaves me beyond tired to do anything else. Sooo, being that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO DRESS, I choose to dress to praise the Lord. Don't worry, I'm always covered tho lol. Sometimes, I hate the fact that I'm taller than average. The skirts I love always seems to fit me about 2-3 in. above the knee. Thank God for thick tights. It downplays it so much. Anyhow.... please excuse my pictures!!! Hopefully, I should be getting a new camera for Christmas lol. 

Any ideas on a good camera i should splurge on?
I'm wearing:
Shirt: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Polka Dot Tights: Asos
Shoes: Steve Madden
Accessories: Forever 21

xoxo Dinesha