Saturday, February 18, 2012

Minty Cotton Candy on Park Avenue!!!

Hey everyone!!!! I'm trying to post as much as I can but bear with me! 
So this week was my hunny's birthday, the 15th to be exact. 
I got him a room in the Gansevoort Park Hotel on Park Avenue and it was lovely. 
We stayed out there because he didn't want to be driving around for his bday and those of you who knows New York City knows its difficult to find parking and the traffic is always CRAZY. 
It was a fun night!!!
Thanks to everyone who celebrated his bday with him and made it special!!!

xo I LOVE YOU BABE!!! xo
This is what I wore. I know many people try to stay away from black lipstick because it can look scary, which is why I wore a minty blue blazer to brighten up my look a little. Hope you like!
FYI, I designed my boyfriend's jacket, hope you guys like it!
What I'm wearing:
Mint Blazer & High-Waisted Pants by H&M
Black Bustier by Urban Outfitters
Clutch - Vintage
Earrings: Diamond District
Rings & Bracelets: Forever21
Nails: Essie - Navigate Her (NEW)

What He's Wearing:

Denim Jacket designed by ME
Fatigue Pants from ATRIUM
Sweater by Ralph Lauren
Belt by Louis Vuitton
Sneakers by Lanvin
Shades by Cartier

xoxo Dinesha

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  1. Your bf's jacket is so dope and I love your mint blazer! I've been searching high and low for one.