Friday, October 19, 2012


Hey everyone! Just thought I'd share with you guys some shoes I'm wishing to buy or receive :)... 
I'm currently obsessed with the colors Ox blood and Red, which are a big trend this season.
All of these shoes are on the pricey side so I may only be able to buy 1, maybe 2. I don't know how a lot of bloggers do it while they are not working but I know I can't and I'm admitting to it lol.
I'll post some cheaper alternatives in another post.

(I need some comfortable shoes and these loafers are perfect.)

(I love AM and these look so comfy, simple, yet cute!)

(These are too cute and so girly!! lol)

(So I really, really want the all red limited edition ones. SOLD OUT! So these are my next option! 
I cant even explain how obsessed I am!)

(Classic shoe!)

(I love Pigalles, even though they hurt the side of my foot due to my wide width, but this is the price we pay to be fabolous right! Well only for a few hours because I CANNOT walk more than 4 hours in these.)

What are some of your thoughts?

xoxo Dinesha

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